Bistro 22


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Bistro 22




22 Sithole Street, Across From Zenith Bank, Labone, Accra CT 3129 Ghana


What the people say

A chorus of praises are sang when Bistro 22 is mentioned. Easily a favorite of many who like to go the fine dining route and there is no surprise here. Food is of the highest order and the ambience from both indoor and outdoor dining areas are unparalleled. The staff are generally friendly to all and the mixologist makes some really good cocktails.

You can never go wrong with Bistro 22 and that's the gospel. Another DAME favorite for a myriad occasions; business dinners, lunch, late night etc. The aesthetic of the space will please a lot of music and art lovers and the use of cases of wine for interior decoration adds a pretty nice touch to the place. Provision of a play area for kids is very thoughtful of the establishment, thereby inviting families to come dine out. Orders always come out fresh and hot in record time and this has never compromised the taste of the food. DAME favorite: Lobster Pasta

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