Coco Lounge


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Coco Lounge




Icon House, Stanbic Heights, N Liberation Link, Accra, Ghana


What the people say

Great ambience, great food and a fantastic option for celebrating any occasion. The restaurant always seems to have a great crowd dining in class and and relaxation. Whilst the staff are polite, they can be quite difficult to track down when you need them which casts a light shadow on the service.

We think it's fair to say that Coco Lounge is the most heard about restaurant in town. One of Accra's most recommended spots for class, ambience and high quality food with a menu boasting of an array of dishes, spanning across and pulling together a range of internationally recognised cuisines. Wood-fired pizzas, rice bowls, salad and desserts. You name it and Coco Lounge probably has something to offer. The great thing about Coco Lounge (amongst all the other great things) is there is absolutely no need reserve this restaurant for special occasions. The creative owners have managed to balance class and recreation into the feel of this beautiful establishment. So whether it is a special occasion or a pit spot to unwind with a few colleagues, you'll feel perfectly catered for here. DAME favourites: Coco starter combo

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