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Starbites Food & Drink




Multiple Locations across Accra


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Extremely popular because of their presence in most of the major areas. All branches are located in busy areas hence the dining areas are always populated. Both indoor and outdoor spaces have a funky feel which makes Starbites a microcosm on its own within the city. Food is always tasty, which is one of their stronger suits but their popularity in the city leaves them short on the service front because the staff get overwhelmed on some occasions.

Starbites is always an option when you are trying to grab a quick meal becaue of the dynamism in their menu. Quite remarkable to see a local franchise gain a stronghold in the game and permeate the regional boundaries of Ghana. Most of the food are affordable, but the more 'foreign' your meal, the more you are likely to pay. Just like most franchises, some branches may be more comfortable on a general scale than others, but the food and drinks are general stable across branches. DAME favorites: Char grilled pork chops with fried rice and a strawberry milkshake.

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