Love living life in AFRICA.

DAME Africa’s platforms are dedicated to showcasing all there is to love in Africa. We explore various countries across the continent, which is attracting more and more people across the world as an untapped, exciting landscape for holidays and adventures.

Our first stop is Ghana, West Africa which we believe to be 'Africa's hidden gem'.

DAME Africa GH dives into Ghana, the coastal beauty of West Africa. We take our lens, pen and paper across Ghana and capture it in all its glory and deliver it to you through our digital platforms and magazine. From where to stay, where to eat and what to do; we explore it all.

Behind DAME is a creative team of writers, graphic designers, photographers and more who all contribute to bringing the vibrant brand to life and support our business and marketing teams to ensure our advertising clients are well complemented and positively promoted by our creative content. We help businesses, both local and international, to reach and influence  greater audiences and simultaneously ensure our reader get access to everything our clients have to offer.


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