5 Moroccan Museums you MUST visit!

With a number of countries gradually finding their way out from the glum of lockdown, the next question is normally how to find one’s feet in this new-old terrain. How do you go back to being normal again?

Our advice – travel to Africa and douse yourself in the rich history and culture of Morocco to get you feeling good about life again. No better place to start from other than a museum – the premier resting place of history.


One thing that runs through all, if not most, of the museums in Morocco is the impressive architecture. In Marrakech, the walls of the Bahia Palace house a great deal of Moroccan political history behind them. Regimes of old and new have made administrative decisions from the very palace that is one of Morocco’s favourite tourist destinations. It is home to some of Morocco’s best horticulture, craftsmanship, interior decorating and show of grandeur – all of which are reasons to visit Morocco.


Ouarzazate is a city which already has its colorful history with Hollywood classics so it is rather befitting for the city to have a museum that stands on the back of cinema. The Musee du Cinema has in its collection; vintage movie posters across borders, retro cinematic props, sets and equipment and also screens some classic movies from time to time. This museum is truly a haven for cinema fanatics.


The Mohammed IV Museum has made it its personal goal to champion the contemporary art space of Morocco. By doing so, they sound out a rallying call to all Moroccan artists to keep their feet on the pedal. The museum houses new age artefacts, paintings, sculptures and more. The concept of showcasing modern and contemporary art is reflected in the museum itself, as the architecture epitomizes the harmony of diverse Moroccan cultural inspirations. The museum also has pockets of international art on show.


The Batha Museum generates some of its historic aura from the historic city it is found in. The name Fez should not be alien to anyone familiar with Moor or Berber history. Located inside the Batha Palace, the Batha Museum proudly serves as a medium for popularizing the tangible art and culture of Fez. You will find precious ornaments, age-old Fez crafts and the cobalt blue pottery which Morocco is famous for.


“What is there not to see in Marrakech?” The Maison De La Photographie, in Marrakech, attempts to take that a step further by granting you visual access to all that there is to see and learn about the glittery history of Morocco. With over 9000 photos collected about Morocco spanning the period of 1870-1960, the walls of the museum mirror something like an extensive history lesson on Morocco.