Bloombar in Accra

‘ACCRA STAY BY PLAN’. I don’t know what it means but it is provocative. Wherever you hear this statement, just know you’re in for a good time. Accra is an enigma. Accra is bittersweet. Accra sometimes has the features of one mean vortex that finally sucks you in after you have just lost a 13-round bout with stress. Accra is the hub of enjoyment in Ghana. Accra is really the place to be. You could lose some hair wondering how the natives go gung-ho every Friday night out on the town. One surety about the workforce dynamics of Ghana is that, people out here know how to pull their socks up and respond to the harsh nature of the times. Just as the chorus complaints flow, the chorus crescendo of efforts to gain some monetary rewards will follow closely. That’s just the tradition around here.

Moreover, natives of Accra are also guilty of desiring to be in the luxurious spots at all costs.

Very little is presented on a silver platter in Accra. Part of the motivation for natives of Accra to go and get theirs is the enjoyment factor. The effervescence of the nightlife scene is too hard to ignore and it represents a large chunk of the enjoyment that’s on the cards. Cost of living in relation to wages, standard of living and all the other fancy economic terminologies could make for some bleak reading but it has never been an excuse to miss out on a Friday night out with the gang. Moreover, natives of Accra are also guilty of desiring to be in the luxurious spots at all costs. So what really is stopping them?

Delightfully, there is something for everyone. Whether you want to be sipping on an exotic pitcher or you’ll need a bottle or two of kpok3k3 to ignite your night, you wouldn’t have to cast your net too far. This feature plays out in the club scene, food scene, and any other activity you will like to place in the enjoyment bracket. And that's Accra for you. That's how Accra stays by plan.

Maybe Eyez should help you plan your next Friday night out on the town, with budget variances being the theme. Watch this space**


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