Independence Day celebrations are a big deal on the continent. With the 62nd Independence anniversary of Ghana beckoning, it is only natural for the map of developmental progress from 6th March 2018 to 6th March 2019 to be drawn. Most African countries once bore the brunt of colonization, hence their various independence anniversaries serve as a rate card for the ultimate task they’ve been on from time: flourishing in their independence. The journey has been a long and testing one for Ghana. 62 years down the line, and the question most Ghanaians will ask is if their nation is truly independent. Is their Ghana really beyond aid? How many times will the goalpost for Ghana beyond aid be shifted after flat out borrowing is dressed in a bunch of fancy, operational economic terms. A debate for another day perhaps.

Well, it’s independence day again. Roll out the pendants and flags. Prepare the speeches. Get the bands ready. Let the school kids march. Most importantly, give us our holiday! This year’s independence anniversary may be the most anticipated edition since the golden jubilee edition. It has been agreed that Tamale, the capital town in the Northern region of Ghana, will host the celebrations. A much needed shakeup, if you ask me. For quite some time, the independence day anniversary out here has lost a bit of the luster originally associated with it simply because of the predictability of events surrounding the celebrations each year. More so, 2019 has seen the end of a 16-year chieftaincy conflict in the kingdom of #Dagbon (in the Northern Region) climaxed with the enskinment of a new chief. What better way cement the peace that is finally reigning over there than holding the national celebration which is under the theme ‘Celebrating Peace and Unity’ in the Northern Region.

Aside the parade to be hosted at the Aliu Mahama Sports stadium in Tamale, I am really excited that the spotlight is on the often forgotten gem that the Northern region is. This gives foreigners and Ghanaians as well, the opportunity to travel out north and experience a totally different side of Ghana to what Accra has to offer. I hope places like the #Mole and #Bui National Parks, #Larabanga, #Gambaga and the likes can finally be recognized for the rich culture they possess.


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