Discover Mozambique - a modern day paradise

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Mozambique is poetry. The kind of poetry that untangles the tensest of knots. The kind of poetry that soothes. The kind of poetry that leaves you wanting more. However, to get to the point where you are filled with all of these sensations and more, you need to take that leap of faith – you need to be explorative.

Mozambique hugs the foot of Southern Africa. It is in great company, with the likes of The Indian Ocean, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania bordering it. Evidently, South Africa gets most, if not all, the international attention partly because there is a wealth of travel reports to drown in. But that is where the catch is, Mozambique offers you on a plate the unique thrill of being an early discoverer.

When traveling into Mozambique, always apply for a visa in advance. There are conflicting statements about the acquisition of visa upon arrival, so to be on the safer side, you might want to know where the Mozambique embassy or consular is in your home country. Conversely, you can fly to Johannesburg, South Africa and tiptoe into Maputo, Mozambique via a 9-hour bus ride or via a train/air arrangement which take approximately 3 hours.

Mozambique is your modern-day paradise. It’s almost like a place made up in your dreams. Bedevilled by its fair share of political tumult in the past, Mozambique – like many other African countries – derives its lustre from the struggles of years gone by. This is what makes it a modern-day paradise, a classic ground-up story and a somewhat didactic experience all in one ball.

On the shores of the coastline, the soul of Mozambique speaks volumes. From Maputo through to Tofo and Vilanculos in the South, pristine beaches, blue-eyed waters and hefty sandbanks abound for tourists to be immersed in. You would think that’s enough of an adventure but Stone Town in Northern Mozambique, with all its wealth of history, also makes a strong case for tourist attraction.

To be able to appreciate a 360-Mozambican experience, ‘adventure’ should be your modus operandi. It is important to note that Mozambique is not all about red roses and fine-grain sand. The experience of commuting in a local chapa will also outdoor any visitor to the gritty facet of the Mozambican culture. You will definitely pick up some Portuguese words before you depart Mozambique.