Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Picture a maze. A labyrinth of interconnected paths. Carefully carved out throughout the peak days of centuries gone past. With every turn, a new startling discovery is made. That’s Egypt in a nutshell; a country with treasures abounding.

Egypt is a transcontinental country. A greater part of its territory is found in the Northeast corner of Africa and the rest in Southwest Asia. But Egypt largely identifies as an African country. Beyond that, history identifies Ancient Egypt as the birthplace of civilization, with many wonders of the world buried in Egyptian tales and culture and many facets of modern-day society being traced back to the roots of Ancient Egypt. Indeed, these are huge contributory factors in Egypt being a tourist haven.

But what are some of the fundamentals you should know about Egypt before stepping foot in North Africa’s most populous country?

Remember we said to think of a place where a new startling discovery is made at every juncture? Armed with that, you should know that you will need a lot of time to adequately experience all or most of what Egypt has to offer. Fortunately, visitors have the liberty of flying into Egypt at any time in the year, gaining a visa upon arrival and still having a plum time.

Egyptian culture is dominated by Pharaohs, Sphinxes, religion, architecture and pyramids. There are so many pyramids scattered across Egypt, yet none draws bigger crowds and longer queues than the famed Great Pyramid in the Giza Pyramids Complex, Cairo. Truly, as imposing as the architecture of this Wonder of the World is, the eerie nature of the tour inside the pyramid evokes a sense of adventure that is unmatched. Nonetheless, the lesser known pyramids in Abu Rawash and Saqqara also offer an equally gratifying tourist time and even more attention for the tourist.

Quite uniquely also, there is also an opportunity to spend time on the River Nile, journeying from Luxor to Aswan on a cruise ship while making stops to visit temples, soaking in most of rural Egypt, being an audience to 360-degree scenic views of nature and engaging in some self-therapy, perhaps.

The luxurious beach resort town of Hurghada also presents a more-than-ideal dream lodging location for any visitor of Egypt. The golden sand, unspoiled beaches and cosmopolitan aura can make just about anyone feel at home.

Be advised to keep enough cash on you while journeying through Egypt because the credit card services for the tourist activities out there are not exactly reliable. And Egyptian hospitality services do love a tip. Now add that to the facets of Egyptian culture.