Enjoy Safari in Ghana

When you think of an African safari, Ghana may not be the first place that comes to mind. However, the quest to establish what Ghana doesn’t have to offer its holidaymakers does not stop at the mention of wildlife safaris. A flight to Tamale, followed by a relaxing two and a half hour drive to Larabanga will bring you to the grand gates of Mole National Park.

Courtesy of Zaina Lodge, the DAME Africa team were treated to the full Safari experience over two fun-filled days. Safari truck and two amazing rangers in tow, and off we went to explore the wildlife of Ghana.

There are so many special aspects that fuse together throughout the park to truly awaken each of your senses. First the smell. The strong yet calming scent of fresh, growing mint is euphoric. It set the tone for a breath-taking journey through the forest.

Next on the list of jaw-dropping features is the main event - the wildlife. Mole National Park has the widest range of wildlife in Ghana. And, what makes the experience particularly magical is the almost 5000 km² of parkland allows the animals to roam freely in their natural habitat. Not a single species is brought to Mole but every so often new species may migrate to the region, freely making a new home for themselves. Many of its visitors eagerly search through the park hoping to experience elephants in the wild. In addition to elephants, you will see a variety of wildlife antelope, warthogs, bushbucks, monkeys, baboons and different species of birds.

Given that the park does not currently have any predatory animals, you can ditch the truck and enjoy the safari by foot, getting up close and personal with any of the less camera-shy creatures.

If you’re lucky enough to have this experience with Zaina Lodge, you will even get a lovely coffee break with the tastiest biscuits in a little treehouse, while you wait for elephants to show up for their own drink from a nearby body of water.

Mole National Park is an amazing experience to share with the whole family, friends and even groups of strangers united in awe of the gift of the north.