If there was ever a good time to appreciate the splattering of mud and the labyrinth workings of a trail, this is it.

There were more than enough reasons to be excited if you were in Accra at the back end of 2018. Yes, the much anticipated December period was upon us, the Christmas bonus was hitting the account and the vacationers were trickling in. Granted those were some of the choruses across town but something electrifying was also brewing in Aburi that piqued the interest of many. That something, I am pleased to discover, did live up to the hype and several months on is still thriving. The Aburi ATV & Quad Center, which is still in its infant stages as a business, is racking in numbers that long-standing established businesses generally do. It is also refreshing to see entrepreneurship manifest in novel ways and for young people to be bosses!

It is not far-fetched to categorize some, if not all, facets of Ghanaian culture as accommodating. Travel and modernity have seen the introduction of concepts that are largely considered non-native onto the local scene, although the core of the cultural makeup remains intact.

If there was ever a good time to appreciate the splattering of mud and the labyrinth workings of a trail, this is it. When the turbo engines are revved and the off-road tires screech to a less than melodic tune, then you know you are in den full of ATV and Quad Bikes. The first of its kind in Ghana and definitely candy for the free-spirited, The ATV & Quad Centre has entered the fray at an opportune time, as we at DAME bet our odds on tourism and hospitality being unprecedentedly a top contributor to Ghana’s GDP from now onwards.

The ATV center boasts of muddy courses (among other equally electrifying tracks and courses that extend into the Aburi mountains) that elevate the thrill of riding. A plethora of bikes are also available for the bike connoisseurs to choose from and try out those jaw-dropping stunts. Similarly, tutorials are available for novices like me who need to get this activity off their bucket lists.

Quite possibly, the center’s full potential is realized when you visit with your squad. Pitting your wits against one another in a custom league raises the stakes and makes the bragging rights more coveted than ever. Children are also welcome for a piece of the action, as the center offers packages to accommodate them.

I might have caused you to question your geographical knowledge of Ghana, with respect to Accra and Aburi. The truth is, the N4 Highway has facilitated the marriage between Accra and Aburi so now, the 40 odd minute journey seems shorter than ever.

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