Gelaaaaato - Accra’s most popular ice-cream parlours

Visiting Accra? Looking for some good ice-cream? What flavour would you like? The cosmopolitan nature of life in Accra has created enough room to accommodate gelato flavours that stem from multiple cultures around the world. A trip to Accra can take you on a journey around the world just by visiting some of the exciting food joints. The ice cream craze is strong in this city so let’s run through where you should visit to get some good gelato in Accra.

Ci Gusta

Originally an Italian restaurant, room for franchising has awarded Ghana the chance to experience and appreciate authentic Italian recipes without having to get on a flight. Ci Gusta in Ghana is highly notable for its artisan gelato as well as its soft gelato selection. The team out there allows you to get creative with an array of toppings that will spice up your order. The ice cream can also be ordered as a topping on their signature waffles or crepes. This set up right here is a crowd favourite.

Patrice Lumumba Street, Accra

Pinocchio Gelato Italiano

I consider Pinocchio an ideal name for an ice cream spot. Further interaction with the spot will convince you why it is regarded as one of the best all-round ice cream parlours in Accra. With colourful décor, friendly staff and a plethora of creamy flavours, the establishment lays its marker as a brand with a laid-back flow that really encapsulates the colour and joy of eating ice cream.

2nd Jungle Rd | East Legon, Legon

11th Lane, Embassy Road, Osu | Old American Embassy, Accra

Frankie’s Hotel & Restaurant

After two decades in the game, some can confidently say that Frankie’s is more popular for its ice cream and sweet-tooth range than its primary services. Frankie’s ice cream is the epitome of the business adage about consistency being the hallmark of success. Since the 90’s the taste of the ice cream has not changed. Always in good condition, well-frozen and the intricate components of each flavour capable of being picked out once it settles on your tongue. The different flavours with tongue-twisting name tags also invite you to experiment and have fun with them.

Oxford Street, Accra

Gelatos Sandri

This burgeoning spot is gradually taking full ownership of its seat at the table for the best of the best. Sandri’s trump card has to be the fact that they use locally sourced ingredients to prepare their gelato. Nothing better than overtly knowing that you are eating fresh products. It is also an opportune spot to either get your ice cream on the go or relax with kids – you probably will opt for more if you go with the latter.

Shiashie Road | Sigma Square, East Legon, Accra

Tresence Café Gelateria

Tresence offers some more insight as to why Oxford Street, Osu is the most multicultural space in Accra. In the Osu Mall, Tresence is perfectly placed waiting to welcome individuals and trigger the childlike cord in them. The Tresence space plays a lot with colour, a host of fancy serving mechanisms and creative ice cream and toppings names that can leave you with oos and ahhhs.

Floor 2nd Oxford Street Mall | Above Shoprite, Accra