Go bottomless in Accra - Our top picks for bottomless brunch

The shift in Accra’s social scene to everything brunch has been enthusiastically embraced by many. Brunch events, brunch menus, brunch eateries – everyone and their mother seem to like the idea of sunglasses, loafers, sundresses and BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS. Yes, bottomless mimosa is the wave. Bottomless mimosa is always the common denominator at every brunch-based event. Together with some corn on the cob, sausages, hash browns, french toast, churros and more, you have an all-embracing vibe that is difficult to turn down.

For brunch, the food is as important as the drinks on offer. A viable way to keep the troopers trooping in is to create a special brunch menu which will be available on select days – weekends perhaps.

Brunch has minimum-effort-on-a-weekend all over it, for the attendants at least. Coincidentally, brunch settings in Accra are on the rise during the same period where day parties are becoming a norm. Perhaps, the reason why folks gravitate towards such a setting is that the night social scene has become what people describe as monotonous or played out.


The Vine already holds a special place in Dame Africa’s books. Already getting plaudits for remarkable savoury and cheat-day meal choices in the cosiest space in Accra, The Vine has given you and I yet another reason to visit on the first Sunday of every month. Soul Food Sundays rewards you and your company with the ultimate brunch platter and pitchers of either sangria or mimosa, in the company of some rather up-tempo tunes. Best way to prep for the week with a boozy brunch.


On the final Sunday of the month, all millennials in Accra converge on the Urban Grill Terrace looking their best to down mimosas and forget the qualms of being thrust into the den of adult-ing. As the sun sets and night takes over, the vibe switches to boogie down time. It is almost a club atmosphere on a Sunday with bubbles and corks to show for it. Although the drinks take a lot of the spotlight, it does not take away from the highly sophisticated brunch menu Urban Grill offers.


FatFish is new on the block. The swanky diner occupies the space vacated by Patagonia on the ground floor of Villagio Alto Towers. It has quickly become one of the go-to spots for fine dining, yet, what many people seem not to be privy to is the restaurant’s brunch menu. FatFish allows you to create a 4-course brunch ensemble for a fixed price, with generous quantities of sangrias and mimosas waiting on the flanks to be added to the party.


You simply cannot help but love what Café Kwae is all about. Locally sourced ingredients at the heart of all the sophisticated meals give Café Kwae the healthy and organic stamps from consumers who like to be conscious about their intake. On weekends, Café Kwae also unleashes a wicked experimental brunch menu that eases consumers into the funky vibe of the weekend. Special shout to Alagbe’s French Toast, which gives the menu a superb identity.