Ghanaians take pride in their food. As you weave your way through the city of Accra, it is hard to miss local food stalls on the side of every road. Some colourful, others grey. Street food is in the DNA of Accra. Locals call it check-check and there is a wealth of options to pick from in this regard.

Street food is generally cheaper than that of polished eateries or restaurants, thereby being in sync with the finances of the average Ghanaian. Food sold in these food stalls range from quick fixes to complex makes that are executed and packaged at home, then brought to the stall to be sold. Finding a trusted check-check joint is heralded as a huge win by any Ghanaian because there are valid concerns about hygiene and price points which are occasionally hiked because of locations. More so, the preparation of some local meals are really time consuming hence check-check should bail your cravings out.

Some even go as far to say that a meal bought from a check-check vendor hits differently from the same meal made at home. Waakye’s rise to fame can be easily attributed to your waakye vendor and the comparisons you make with the next waakye vendor. The same goes for fried yam, kelewele, kebabs, tilapia, kenkey, banku, pork, fried rice or jollof rice. The reason why street food is so popular is because of the hype given to it by its patrons which leads to friendly war and banter as to who executes the food best. The buzz around street food has seen moves to legitimize the movement with the introduction of Accra Food Festival and Ghana Street food festival to capitalize on the glitter of the street food scene.

Everyone has their favourite street food joint. What is yours?

Watch this space for a list of some sort of the best street food around Accra. I may step on a few toes so I am sorry in advance


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