Table for two in Accra

Experts will be quick to let you know that an intimate dining experience is the way to get the chemistry going. With that being said, here are DAME’s exclusive picks for premium date night spots in Accra.


Relatively new on the block, El Padrino presents a crowded plate of aesthetic supremacy, conceptual brilliance, elegance, exclusivity, masterful delicacies and a couple more kind words that are very much warranted. Walking into the space is like being welcomed into the embrace of greatness. Photos of Al Pacino, Ice Cube, Elon Musk and a host of other ‘executive’ figures propped up on each flank of the walkway is an early indication of the high-end spot you have just walked in. Away from the impressively stocked smoking room, the main dining hall is a hallmark of dining excellence. Bottle service is apt for the environment and the meal inspirations cut across cultures.


Dinner in a well-lit room, in the company of sparkling interior decor and a powerful cooling unit, is ubiquitous. How about dinner under the stars in an exotic lush gift of a garden?. The Neem Grill has the perfect outdoor setting with dimly lit candles placed on bench tables generating a romantic picnic atmosphere. Choose from a range of grilled seafood and meats to make up a hearty meal heavy enough fuel the rest of the night.


Sai, in the famous Labone Courtyard, is more than boozy bubbles and wild cocktails. Everyone loves the space for myriad reasons. It is cosy with just the right blend of semi-formal and formal seating styles, soft and prominent lighting, which is why we declare it as one of Accra’s most popular multipurpose eateries. For what it’s worth, Sai brings the sexy pairing of wine and cheese to life with their exciting collection of wine and champagne in the tuck. Prosecco and Parmesan is a favourite used to line the walls of the stomach and when it gets to the mains, a compact range of exotic meaty and seafood meals complements the slow-tempo mood just fine for a couple.


A taste of Parisian romance in Accra from the old guard. Given that France, and Paris, is heralded as one of the ultimate intimate spots in the world, it is only right that when you are debating an affectionate meal setting in Accra, La Chaumiere has to be in that conversation. The cross-cultural references are heavy in the menu and the ambience barometer is never off. You are guaranteed a plum time at any sitting at La Chaumiere because the meal choices are quite depthless and contrary to popular theories, the barrage of options does not affect any of the output negatively.


Osteria is an idealized old-fashioned Italian restaurant which is all the way unassuming for the greatness it offers. Rustic vibes from the outside countered with upscale interior decor makes for a perfect warm evening dining experience with your plus 1.