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We seem to have been living in this age of digitization for so long that it makes you trip sometimes when you try to remember what some of the analogue days were like. As a matter of fact, on some occasions I find myself lost in thought about the new trend/age we will lumber towards next – if indeed digitization can be topped.

Think about it – what cannot be digitized today in Ghana? If ‘The world is a global village’ then Ghana is just one huge compound house now and digitization is our drug. For a little over a year, Ghana has been on the path to formalize the conduct of activities which affect the economy. You can guess what has been front and center of this move – digitization. Passport services being expedited through technology, a new bio-metric identification card, inter-operable electronic platform for money transactions, a dynamic property addressing system and more.

Does the ordinary Ghanaian see this dawn as a dire need so much as to place it in the company of his most pressing needs?

I am very much interested in GhanaPostGPS, the digital address system heralded as a real game changer and a novelty worldwide in terms of its operation and a structure. Location accuracy to the letter is thought to be chief among the concerns addressed by this innovation. An easy identification of properties will lead to services being rendered smoother than ever – on paper at least – guaranteed that everyone can generate a digital address for their location.

Hands down, all this looks glittery and etches Ghana deeper into the realms of modernization given that the whole world seems to be more keen on us than ever from a tourism angle. GhanaPostGPS is absolutely perfect for a well-traveled individual and for someone who would like to explore all corners of Ghana. However, delving deeper into this subject, matters arising regarding this step we have taken appear too valid to be overlooked. This particular branch of our digitization quest seems more luxurious than the others – a luxury a bulk of the citizens cannot readily afford.

For starters, GhanaPostGPS users will need to own a smartphone at the very least. The app, which is free, will also have to be downloaded in a country where internet connectivity is not the cheapest commodity on the market. Does the ordinary Ghanaian see this dawn as a dire need so much as to place it in the company of his most pressing needs?

The workings of an economy are much like a game of dominos. On the local board, granted that GhanaPostGPS works for a section of the population, as it is already showing signs that it will in the long term, the benefits that will be reflected in the economy should be ploughed back into the citizenry (specifically the less privileged) in order to increase the probability of them also using the system in the long run.

The success of this arm of digitizing Ghana can be measured by its accessibility and usability – among other factors. Hence, it is imperative for all stakeholders to make the marquee project all-inclusive by any means.

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