Kelewele may just be the only Ghanaian meal that does not divide opinion. A meal fit for all occasions and appropriate for for any time of the day.

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Kelewele is just fried bite-sized ripe plantains seasoned with spices. What makes fried plantain qualify to be kelewele is its peppery taste which is the result of the spices used. All Ghanaian ethnic groups are renowned for their allegiance to spices and flavor that make the mouth burn and the eyes water. Kelewele can do just that. Cayenne pepper, ginger, garlic, chilli pepper, anise, cloves can be combined to give the spicy kelewele effect. Your taste buds may not identify these spices individually but collectively, they can excite and do more. Although kelewele is renowned for its peppery smack, consumers are at liberty to regulate the amount of spices to be aligned with what their systems will permit.

It is tough to trace the origins of kelewele in Ghana to one ethnic group because plantain is harvested in a multitude of Ghanaian areas, although some people credit the meal to the Northern areas of Ghana. The preparation of kelewele requires a mixture of spices of one’s choices (like the ones aforementioned) to be prepared before the plantains are diced. The plantains will then be marinated in the bowl of spices and then fried in hot oil. Kelewele is popular around almost every street corner in Accra and can be enjoyed as a main meal, a side, a dessert or even a snack.

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