‘Only the strong will continue’ and that is a given on this roller-coaster. Fortunately, as a sign of comfort to those on an eternal-gym-sabbatical, strength is NOT all about loading metal plates and carrying the entire world on your shoulders. Strength has way broader and heavier wings which encompass mental, emotional and social attributes in addition to the physical that most are already conversant with. With all these bases covered, there is a good chance you’ll near your octogenarian years with a great deal to smile about. So who is looking to be an all-rounder in the health convo?

‘Only the strong will continue’

Grab a pen. Five ways to stay ahead in the health race. On your marks…

Discipline; Readiness takes shape upstairs. A positive schema sets the tone for a positive behavior. Discipline is doing five laps around the neighborhood each morning and not cutting it down to three on the weekends. Discipline is sticking to your dietary advice all-year long and not wilting when summer comes around. Discipline is responding to your alarm’s call at 8am each morning and not giving ‘snooze’ a shadow of thought. It is easier said than done in truth, but as the saying goes ‘nothing good comes easy’.

Smile; When the going gets tough and the demands of the day begin to frown at you, slap a smile on that face and brighten up your day. If you can, go the extra mile and burst into laughter. That will surely do you a lot of good. Studies have shown that a smile activates endorphins which help to lift your mood and counter pain, stress and anxiety. It is the cheapest health boost, if you ask me. All you need to do is retrace your steps back to a blissful moment from the past or dwell on bright prospects. So smile because a smile every 10 minutes adds a couple more years to one’s life (hypothetically, of course).

Following a dietary plan strictly has got be one of the most demanding tasks in life. Nonetheless, it pays dividends when all is said and done. The key is to be tactical in your food consumption. The orthodox rules that have been laid down about nutrition cannot be applied by every individual because the needs of our bodies vary from person to person. Every individual has to be in tune with his allergies, know what his body lacks and set goals at every developmental stage of his life so as to be able to assemble the ideal components for a dietary plan. Carbohydrates have been vilified, fats and oils have been labelled as diabolical and proteins have been frequently adored in many circles. The script can be changed. All you need to do is know yourself and what you need.

Meditation has its skeptics but time and again, the process has proved beneficial to many. It doesn’t take a lot for you to be in your own zone with the outside world zoned out. As a plus, there are myriad ways to meditate so you’re at liberty to choose how you want to tune everyone else out. If you do not meditate yet, just take two minutes out of your day to do so. If you love it – which I know you will – it will eventually become part of your daily routine. With every meditation session, all body cells take a breather. The benefits are innumerable. Who doesn’t want to be sharper, happier, less stressed, less anxious and have a better memory?

Sleep, ever-fulfilling and the perfect answer to most questions, is man’s best friend. A good number of studies have been done on sleep and the health benefits it brings to the table. It should interest you that just the right amount of sleep strengthens your memory. Sleep also limits inflammations and is known to increase your lifespan. You are sure to have a more responsive brain and be far away from stress and depression if your sleep pattern is steady and gratifying to your system.

Taking care of yourself requires commitment on all fronts. The methods are aplenty but very rewarding all the same. So live your life and live it right.


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