Updated: Feb 23, 2019

The African Horn

Hi guys,

Welcome to The Horn. This digital authoritative mouthpiece has been created by DAME Africa Magazine to facilitate a more regular mode of communication between the magazine and her subscribers on the pertinent issues of Ghanaian lifestyle and travel, and the topics which, through no fault of theirs or otherwise, poke their noses in the businesses of the aforementioned categories.


Being the brainchild of DAME Africa, the mandate of showering the people with the blessings that Africa has to offer will certainly be followed although the catch here is that, apart from our interactions being regular on this medium, content will have a more conversational and opinionated flow – something like a discussion among peers. I guess all I am trying to say here is, THIS IS OUR BLOG! and I am your chaperone for the journey.

My name is Eyez, by the way.

Knock yourself out,


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