There is no African culture without sonically pleasing sounds. You will not hear a simpler, truer statement than that. Backtracking into the confines of history will reveal a long line of musical influences throughout every step of the African story; sounds that are authentic, earthy and in every way personal.

La Meme Gang

Over the past four years, Ballantine’s and Boiler Room have combined their powers, under the title True Music, and taken up the mantle to hail the most credible music scenes and stories across the globe. The process of touring various regions involves inviting stakeholders in the various music industries to dialogue about the trajectory of their music business in an effort to keep the flame lit. Of course there is no music tour without a showcase of artistry. The hottest upcoming talents in that zone are also given the platform to stake their claim for stardom by being front and center when it’s party time. Surely, they cannot look past the African music scene since these are the parameters that have been set.

After stops in South Africa, Kenya and Cameroon, the True Music train is finally making its way to Accra. With the Ghanaian music scene getting more and more experimental by the beat, burgeoning talents are now more than ever empowered to feed off their musical muses and unapologetically create the sounds they actually want to, while still maintaining the core of their Ghanaian-ness in their works.

From the 23rd of March to the 24th of March, ticket holders in Accra, as well as millions around the world via livestream, will be privy to performances from the famous bunch of: Kwesi Arthur, La Meme Gang, Amaarae, DJ Mic Smith and Vision DJ. A line-up many people gravitate towards because their unique artistry. Although, these talents are fan favorites among new-school music lovers in Ghana, we would also like to see them permeate the borders of the Ghanaian music scene and be celebrated by a larger audience.

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