Tea Baa

Unconventional. Hip. Multifaceted. Wavy. And definitely for the culture. There is an overload of expressions that can and should be leveled with Tea Baa – positive of course. Small but mighty, Tea Baa is that vehicle which can seat more passengers than is generally estimated. You are not alone if you still wonder what Dedo’s secret is. The traction is amazing and the choice of music is spot on. Her spot is almost always the unplanned ‘link-up’ zone. You are likely to meet a familiar face anytime you step into Tea Baa. Not bad for business, right?

But where is Tea Baa now? That’s the chorus question asked by all who have fallen in love with Tea Baa over the years. From the humble beginnings on the garden stashed away in Labadi to the still humble and intimate, yet engaging establishment in the maze of the Osu-Nyaniba vicinity, Tea Baa has garnered a mass of followers and taken them on a couple of rides around Accra. Just like you, I am eager to see where the Tea Baa train is stopping next. If the grapevine is to be trusted, Labone may the destination.

Tea Baa’s novelty sets it apart from its contemporaries and appropriately earns it the tag of a trendsetter

Tea Baa has come a long way since its birth without compromising its standards and the one true dragon-egg it has possessed from time – tea. Bringing an assortment of flavored iced teas to the fore was definitely a shrewd market-manipulation move which continues to reap dividends because hitherto, the iced tea market simply lacked adventure and the flavors available were a little on the monotonous side. The sugarcane and lime tea never lets a soul down and it is near impossible not to call for a refill.

Bucking trends will forever remain an invaluable lesson in business. Hate it or love it, Tea Baa’s novelty sets it apart from its contemporaries and appropriately earns it the tag of a trendsetter. The popularity of coconut rice on the menus of Ghanaian eateries can be traced back to the doorstep of Tea Baa. It is pretty obvious that you’re doing something right when a handful of people are trying to feed off your style, if you ask me.

You surely cannot blame me for being a little impatient for the resurgence of Tea Baa and all her unique features. Obviously, moving to a whole new space will mean a whole new vibe will be created and there’s no assurance that we will as infatuated with the new Tea Baa as we were with the old Tea Baa.

But let’s see how it goes.


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