Experience the wildlife of Mole National Park with Zaina Lodge

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

If you have been with us for a while, you will know we love to uncover hidden gems and, put simply, nowhere fits this description better than Zaina Lodge in Tamale, Ghana. 25 beautiful tented chalets - each with a private balcony overlooking Mole National Park; a gorgeous infinity pool - where majestic elephants often pay a visit and everything you could possibly need at the drop of a hat.

Zaina lodge is nestled deep within the magical Mole Forest, known for its wildlife reserve. Whilst Mole National Park holds enough weight to draw in tourist itself, the addition of Zaina Lodge will take your trip to a whole new level, adding luxury and comfort to your adventures.

To kick off our two-day stay at Zaina, we arrived at the most opportune time - lunchtime! And what a way to start the trip! Zaina spares no expense when it comes to feeding and fuelling its guests. The food is exceptional - cooked to perfection and offered generously as a buffet. The chef delights his guests with a mix of Ghanaian and international dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ll be fighting a losing battle trying to stop yourself from eating too much as in the back of your mind you’ll be wanting to be light on your feet for your safari experience.

Depending on the package you opt for, during your stay at Zaina Lodge you will be able to enjoy up to two safari tours on each day of your stay. The lodge provides rangers and an epic safari truck and sends you on your way into Mole Forest. During your safari, which you can also do by foot, you will be educated on all the species you encounter as you journey through the forest. The beauty of the forest is that all the animals live freely in their natural habitat void of human interference. Elephants are king and you will count yourself lucky to get up close and personal with a peaceful herd.

As you rip yourself away from the forest and head back to the lodge, the pure relaxation factor each chalet offers will be a huge consolation. Everything about the chalets is impressive.

From the views from your balcony to the private indoor and outdoor showers, each chalet is wonderfully crafted to provide a safe, clean, extremely comfortable and most importantly - BUG-FREE environment! That - the fact that there wasn’t a bug in sight in our chalets, was mind-blowing given its location.

In short, Zaina Lodge is everything you would expect from a 5-star resort and so, so much more. From the moment you arrive, to the time you leave, the wow-factor resonates throughout.